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A role model is an integral part to a players development; someone who you can look up to, and who can inspire you to work that little bit harder to achieve your goals. There are many players in British tennis who have been successful in each of the four pathways and it is their success which can pave the way for others. Each camp will offer the opportunity for players to spend time with a different role model, listen to them speak about their journey and experiences, ask questions and spend time on the court with them. Below we showcase five role models within British Tennis - great examples of the calibre of former players and experts who you will have the opportunity to spend the day with.


Wimbledon doubles champion Jonny Marray discusses his tennis journey.
From a late developer to becoming an established world class pro. The
highs and lows of his 15 year career, the reasons behind the key decisions
and life as a Grand-slam champion.


Ella Taylor provides wonderful insight into all four pathways. From joining
Louisiana State University at the age of 17, her return to the UK to pursue a
pro career before embarking on a university coaching and player role at
Loughborough University.


Former British number 3, Ed Corrie talks us through his early memories as
a junior and why he chose to leave the tour for a place on the University of
Texas team. Ed describes the basis of some of his key decisions, and life
after pro tennis.


Scottish No 1 Maia Lumsden discusses her junior career, what it was like
to be on the pro tour at 18 and why she returned home to Scotland to
continue her studies at Stirling University while still pursuing her
professional tennis goals.


Daniel Little talks us through his journey from his early junior days, his
struggles adapting to life in the US and how he became one of the highest
ranked British tennis players in America. Currently studying for a masters at
Nottingham University he talks about his experience on both pathways and
his future goals of turning pro.

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